On 6-7 June it was that time again. Our 4th partner meeting took place at our esteemed partner BEST in Vienna. It was the last meeting and we had presentations and discussions that were as lively as they were ambitious. A highlight were the showcases that each partner had developed to illustrate our project products. Here we checked how well we succeeded in realising the very elaborate overall concept for the showcases. Here are three photos from this meeting combined with a thank you to our host for the successful farewell evening in the Gmoakeller.

On November 24/25, 2022, the 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting took place at bbb in Dortmund. Again we worked very concentrated and committed. The focus was on coordination and creative ideas for our second product, the showcases. The showcases vividly demonstrate how fair arguing and debating can be by providing illustrated insights into methodical work and interactions. Here you can see two photos of this meeting.


On May 10 and 11, 2022, the 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting took place at our project partner BEST in Vienna. It was characterized by constructive and committed discussions about our first product developments and their further qualitative development. We were able to try out the first tools - guided by the communication trainer and works council chairman of BEST - right on the spot. In short: a lively meeting. Here you can see a group photo and a photo of the tool trial.


On January 13 and 14, 2022 the virtual kick-off of our project took place.